If music be the food of love.........

   ...a history of the first half-century of the Society, written in 1992 by its longtime General Secretary Walter J Foster OBE.

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Front Cover
P2 - Letters from
R Vaughn Williams
P3 - Introduction
from Wallter Foster
P4 - Early Concerts
and Recitals
P5 - graphic from
the first programme
P6 - graphics from
concert programmes
P7 - Chamber Music and Recitals
P8 - graphics from concerts
P9 - Orchestral Concerts
and Opera
P10 - The Vienna
Boys Choir
P11 - Austrian Folk Music
P12 - graphics from concerts
P13 - Viennese Light
P14 - graphics from concerts
P15 - Viennnese Ballet
P16 - graphics from
concert programmes
P17 - Music for
Special Occasions
P18 - graphics from
Tauber Memorial Concert
P19 - The Richard Tauber
Memorial Scholarship
P20 - graphics from concert
P21 - Youth and Music
P22 - The Art of
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